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owner word

It was such an uneasy decision for me as an interior designer to specialize in Closets’ designing in particular, Specially with my interest in interior designing. The fact that this field has a wider span of innovation and creativity, encouraged me to spend the last period of my professional career, searching for what may distinguishes Creative Closets, making it not only a closets’ showroom, but also a destination, people visit to enrich a unique attempt in owning a distinguished piece of furniture that adds a contemporary artistic touch to their homes.
When it comes to the basics of human life, one can’t ignore the valuable grace of Creative Closets.
One of the basic components in modern architecture is assigning a specific area either for the dressing room or a closet. Closets are becoming vital aspects which have not been so just a short period of time ago. The new importance the closets have gained recently, is an indication of a new style of life that is prevailing and coming to the surface. This new pattern of modern life, requires new unprecedented ideas … This is our mission that is achieved through our vision.
Being distinctive, we put into consideration many aspects like design, research and development, fine material, passing by manufacturing and installation.
A related question is asked to El Akkad about fine arts and its equivalence to the basics of human life.
His answer was genius enough to enhance the superiority of art. El Akkad illustrates that A Common life with bread keeps us alive, while gaining aesthetic designs elevates us to the height of humanity.